× Dear customers, For your necessary grocery requirements please Text/Viber or WhatsApp on the numbers: 9801241449, 9801246806, 9801118837. Every order would require Name, Mobile Number and Address. We will be delivering at your home. Effective from: 2020-03-27
  • The Leading Supermarket and Departmental Store in Nepal.
  • Bhatbhateni Super Stores

    Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Panu D. Poudel

    Email: panu@bbsm.com.np / panupoudel@gmail.com

    Bhat-Bhateni Head Office

    Cha-1-580 Bhat-Bhateni,
    P.O. Box 320,Kathmandu.

    Store Manager
    Ms. Ramita Maharjan

    Tel: 977-1-4419181, 4413825
    Fax: 977-1-4420240
    Email: customer@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Maharajgunj

    Narayan Gopal Chowk , Chakrapath , Kathmandu
    Store Manager:
    Mr. Sushant Gurung
    Tel: 977-1-4016130, 4016131, 4016132
    Email: sushant@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Koteshwor

    Koteshwor, Koteshwor-35,Kathmandu

    Store Manager:
    Mr. Bisharjan Lawati
    Tel: 977-1-5100202
    Email: bisharjan@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Chuchepati

    Chuchepati, Bouddha, Kathmandu

    Store Manager:

    Mr. Gyan Gurung

    Tel: 977-1-4485395,4485396,9801241418
    Email: pushkal@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Krishna Galli

    Krishna Galli, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

    Store Manager:

    Mr. Dinesh Pradhan , Mr.Giridhari Poudel
    Tel: 977-1-5520944, 5523555
    Email:   dinesh@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Pokhara

    Newroad, Pokhara.

    Store Manager:

    Mrs. Anjana Gurung
    Tel: 977-61-523264/65/66
    Fax: 977-61-523266
    Email: anjana@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Anamnagar

    Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

    Store Manager:

    Mrs. Bishnu Shrestha
    Tel: 977-1-4231277
    Email:  bishnu@bbsm.com.np / bijay@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Balaju

    Balaju, Kathmandu.

    Store Manager:

    Mrs. Lalita Basnet
    Tel:977-1-4355159 , 4356037, 4365716,9801246622
    Email:   niran@bbsm.com.nphari@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Kalanki

    Kalanki, Kathmandu.

    Store Manager:

    Ms. Shanti Basnet
    Tel: 977-1-5234988
    Email: shanti@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni UWTC

    Tripureshwor, Kathmandu.

    Store Manager:
    Mr. Sabin Byanjakar
    Tel: 977-01-4117038
    Email: sabin@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Dharan

    Putali line, Dharan.

    Store Manager:
    Ms. Dipti Rai
    Tel: 977-025-526735/736
    Email: dipti@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Bharatpur

    Bharatpur, Chitwan.

    Store Manager:

    Mr. Sunil Shakya
    Tel: 977-056-531923,9801207193
    Email: poonam@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Butwal

    Bhat-Bhateni Butwal

    Store Manager:
    Ms. Niranjani Gurung
    Tel: 977-071-547902
    Email: niranjani@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Thimi, Bhaktapur


    Mrs. Srijana Lamichhane

    Tel: 977-01-6633389, 6633390

    Bhat-Bhateni Biratnagar

    Mr. Pushkal Rai
    Tel: 977-021-534535
    Email: pushkal@bbsm.com.np

    Bhatbhateni Satdobato

    Satdobato, Lalitpur
    Store Manager:
    Mrs. Alina Giri
    Tel: 5151497, 5151376
    Email: alina@bbsm.com.np

    Bhat-Bhateni Bhairahawa

    Store Manager:
    Ms. Sanjeeta Tulachan
    Tel: 977-1-071525832
    Email: sanjeeta@bbsm.com.np